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Looking for the Perfect Gift? -

Looking for the Perfect Gift?

Our memories are the most precious of gifts to give families, friends and future generations!

Dust off those ole' pictures, dig out those family tree diagrams and stories (tales) and let Memories Scribed permanently root them in books that will be cherished for many lifetimes! In a global society, what better way to bring families and friends closer!

Share your gift of memories today! Memories Scribed specializes in organizing and writing your family histories and stories for children in addition to family legacies.

For more information and other scribed products, phone 513-769-0050 or contact us here.

Be sure to follow our blog at http://memoriesscribed.blogspot.com/and see just "Who do You Think You Are?" (taken from the new NBC TV show. Also, catch our Cincinnati Genealogy Examiner's Articles at http://www.examiner.com/x-26423-Cincinnati-Genealogy-Examiner.